Sustainable Energy Solutions


SES strives to create a beautiful balance between customer’s needs, suitability and sustainability for their business.

Simplified Bill Calculation – We have an expertise in understanding, consulting and calculating your energy requirements, thereby coming up with a solution that’s best suitable for you and your contribution towards green environment. You will understand Solar better, and understand how its’ usage is going to benefit you for long term.


Energy Procurement – With our customer specific precise calculators and brilliant product design tools, we present customers with a very detailed understanding on how Solar system and LED works hand in hand and how they can be managed and saved on a regular basis. 

We explain to you about what suits your requirements and why. After explaining about renewable energy products useful for you, we give a detailed understanding on how the costing works for the system. 


Data Management – After installing Energy projects, we recommend customers to keep a check on the performance of the Energy products for which we provide you with tools such as a Mobile App. Such tools will help you to live monitor the product performance.