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Solar Powered Atmospheric Water Generator

With the current situation in NSW we understand how critical water is in life required to maintain decent health and well-being. Making water from air could possibly be the solution. Solar Water Generators from air is an entirely sustainable, environmentally friendly supply of water that’s easily available that you use each and every day.
Our Solar Atmospheric water generator may be used virtually anywhere where water is a scarcity. Thus, Solar atmospheric water generators is the solutions we would like to present to the end users. We would really like to present a variety to pick from, according to their budget and requirements

Plastic Crude Oil

Plastic is made of refined crude oil. It is a kind of product that does not dissolve naturally in the soil as it is a tough material that cannot be disposed of just like other biodegradable products.

Thankfully, it’s now feasible to find rid of waste plastic within a profitable manner by employing our P2P machine.

This approach lowers the amount of plastic dumped inside Australian landfills which have created an extremely serious environmental challenge due to their huge quantities and their disposal difficulties. Furthermore, if you don’t will need to dispose of an excessive amount of waste plastic, we suggest a little scale P2P machine that we have designed to support the community and councils to tackle this challenge

Solar Cooling Systems

A Great device for campers who can enjoy a cool air conditioning in their tents or caravans with the help of Sun and this portable air conditioner.