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In Home Display (IHD) - FREE Energy Monitoring Device

In-home displays make it possible for you to monitor and check your household energy use by showing the data from your smart meter.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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  • Australian Government Rebate Program

  • FREE Installation

  • Help Track Electricity Usage

  • ​Reduce Green House Gas Emissions

  • ​In-App Visual Energy Usage Graphics & Data

  • ​Weekly Reports

  • ​Receive High Usage Alerts

An in-home display means you can monitor your electricity use as it occurs. The product can help you understand and manage your energy use and reduce energy costs.

The Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian households and businesses reduce their energy costs. We are helping you receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) for installing in-home displays through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

All Victorians are eligible to participate.

Ever wondered how to visualize your household energy consumption (kilowatt-hour usage on your phone/computer screen) and control it as per the time of use (TOU) or differential pricing tariff charged by your energy company? This is exactly what an in-home display does.


In-home display (IHD) takes data from your meter to display real-time and historic energy consumption on your smartphone or computer. The IHDs are also referred to as home electricity monitors, household energy monitors or electricity consumption trackers.