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Why choose Solar?

As we all have some responsibility towards our environment to keep it safe and clean but by consuming Fossil fuels, we have already caused visible damage to our environment in various forms like  global warming, acid rain, etc.As solar energy does not contribute towards global warming, acid rain, smog because it actively contributes towards the decrease of harmful greenhouse gas emission. As it is limitless source of energy and pollution free or we can say clean form of energy.

So our very first environment friendly step is to reduce the use of these Fossil fuels and move towards the renewable energy sources and  solar energy is one of them.

So start from your home by installing solar panels to contribute towards a sustainable future.

Solar power can use underutilized land

All over the world, there are large land areas which are not usable. So we can utilize that area properly by installing solar panels to generate a huge amount of electricity.

Solar Electricity Makes Your Home Go Off-Grid

Our traditional electricity depends on the Fossil fuels such as Coal, Natural gas. These resources are reducing day by day and this is becoming one of the main reason of the variation in the electricity prices .

By using Solar electricity, we can become electrically independent by storing the electrical energy in the batteries.  We can use this against unpredictable situations such as rainy day , night time, etc. And if the battery is full the excess electricity can be exported back into the utility grid. So using Solar energy in this way will surely cut off your electricity bills.

incentives are available from government that will reduce your cost.


Sustainable Energies Causes Less Electricity Loss

Our traditional electricity is generated at large power plants such as Hydro power plants, Nuclear power plants, Thermal power plants and all these power plants are located very far away from the residential areas.

So this electricity has to be transported through long Transmission lines. Due to this long transmission of electricity, there are power losses (which are due to many reasons like voltage, area, volume of the transmission lines, etc. here we will not discuss about that).

But on an important note, using solar panels over the roof top will eliminate these losses and we get the efficient power supply. And as solar power systems are durable so we get uninterrupted power supply.

Solar & Wind Power are a Free Source of Energy

Solar power isn’t really as costly because most people today think. It need not be expensive, or need not begin as an expensive undertaking. Even in case you use solar power instead, you will have the ability to cut your power bills later on.

Solar power may be the most environmentally sound energy option attainable at the moment. It refers to the procedure of generating mechanical power, electricity or chemical power from solar energy resources.

Not only are you going to be capable of using absolutely free energy to power a substantial portion of your house, you’re going to be using less of the limited resources we’ve left. To begin with, based on your energy usage and demands, you would want to create lots of power to have an excess in the very first place. 


Solar power improves grid security

Switching to solar power will cause less burden on the utility grid. So the condition of blackout or brownout will also reduce, which in turn improves the grid security.